Welcome to Eorzea's first ever glamour department store chain!

At The Forum location the Swaggin' Wagon has a separate space for each of it's departments, boasting glamour options for a variety of styles!Here is a quick reference list of our departments with suite locations in the shopping center:

DepartmentSuite Number
Casual WearGround Floor
Luxury WearSuite 5
Adventure WearSuite 6
Club WearSuite 7

How it works

While many of you may be familiar with shops and venues in FFXIV, you may not be aware that you can actually purchase items directly from mannequins in game!Not only does this mean you can shop any time, whether there is someone in shop or not, but when you purchase directly from a mannequin you are charged no market board tax!You simply right click on the mannequin and then you can try on the gear or purchase it directly from the pop-up. (See image below for what the pop-up looks like)

Step 1 - Select the Mannequin you want to view the glamour pieces

Step 2 - Right Click the item you want to try on

Step 3 - Select the Items you want to buy and press "Purchase"

About Us

The Swaggin' Wagon is brought to you by Autumn Dream (and her many, many alts).Starting out as a simple apartment store with 4 mannequins, she dreamed of the day she could make a large shop, thus she saved her gil, tried and failed at getting housing for months, then created Glamazon, a merchants guild with some likeminded friends and got to leveling several alts to create each themed glamour department, and labored tirelessly farming materials, coming up with looks and crafting glamours and gear to create a shopping experience unlike any ever seen in Eorzea.With friends joining in along the way, The Forum Shopping Center is a full fledged working mall on the North American Primal Datacenter on Final Fantasy XIV.After establishing The Forum, Autumn kept dreaming and starting bringing shopping malls across the globe.Now with shopping center's located in Primal, Dynamis, EU & Materia, there's a place for everyone to enjoy shopping in Eorzea!Seeing her vision come to life has been one of her most satisfying experiences in a game and she is truly grateful.

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